Legislative Council

There are two houses of parliament in South Australia, the Legislative Council and the House of Assembly. The Legislative council is the upper house and consists of 22 members. Theses members are elected for a term of 8 years with 11 members facing re-election every 4 years.

The legislative council can make laws regarding and enforced within South Australia. These laws primarily govern matters of interest to the state such as:

 PEO 0707 state territory law2


(Source: http://www.peo.gov.au/multimedia/image-library/the-law.html)


One of the main roles of the Legislative Council is to act as the house of review for legislation passed in the House of Assemby (Lower House).

Currently the upper house consists of 7 Government Ministers, 8 members of the Opposition, and 6 Cross Benchers. Cross Brenchers are members of Parliament that do not belong to either of the two major parties. They include 1 Independant (thats me!), 2 Family First , 1 Dignity for Disability and 2 Greens Members.

 For a full list of the current members of the Legislative Council please click here.

At the commencement of each sitting day the proceedings start by the Presiding Officer reading prayers. Generally Tuesdays and Thursdays are for Government Business and Wednesdays are reserved for Private Members Business. The days proceedings follow an order that is overseen by the clerks and President of the Council.

The Legislative Council chamber seating is U shaped with the government on the left and the opposition on the right. The diagram below shows the current seating arrangment.

Seats 2



For information regarding the role of a Legislative Council member please see:

For information regarding the current years sitting dates please see:

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