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Legal Services Commission (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill

Second Reading

Adjourned debate on second reading

(Continued from 19 May 2016)

The Hon. J.A. DARLEY ( 16:52 :51 ): I rise to support the second reading of this bill and, like other honourable members, use this opportunity to place on the record my thanks for the important community service provided by the Legal Services Commission. I know that my office is not alone in terms of its use of this service, as well as other community-based legal services, as a referral point for constituents with legal issues. There is no question that such services play a very important role in terms of providing legal advice, particularly to those in the community who can least afford it.

The Hon. Andrew McLachlan and the Hon. Mark Parnell have placed on the record the key concerns regarding this bill, particularly those raised by the Law Society. The Hon. Mark Parnell in particular has asked some important questions of the minister in that respect. I, too, look forward to hearing from the minister in response to those questions and certainly keep open the possibility of supporting amendments aimed at addressing the concerns that have been raised. With those very few words, I support the second reading of the bill.