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Support for Home Detention Review

Independent NXT MLC John Darley backs the Opposition’s call for a review of home detention.

The government introduced amendments to the Criminal Law (Sentencing) Act and Correctional Services Act earlier this year which gave the courts discretion to hand down a sentence of immediate home detention rather than requiring an offender to serve at least half of their non-parole period in prison.

The government argued that courts would have the discretion to determine when it would be appropriate for home detention to be served rather than a custodial sentence. However there seems to be confusion over the implementation of the amendments with offenders receiving home detention orders when the judiciary have expressed that imprisonment would be more appropriate. These circumstances where home detention has been ordered is not in line with community expectations.

There have been calls for an urgent review of home detention rules before the end of the year. This move is strongly supported by John Darley MLC.

“Home detention should be the exception rather than the rule.” John Darley said. “Many victims are insulted to know that offenders are at home with their family when they have lost loved ones. There is an expectation in the community that people will be punished for their crimes and it is clear that the community do not think it is adequate for people who have caused a loss of life to be detained at home. An urgent review is required so that these concerns can be addressed.”