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Return to Work (Weekly Payments Under Transitional Provisions) Amendment Bill

Second Reading

Adjourned debate on second reading

(Continued from 27 July 2016)

The Hon. J.A. DARLEY ( 17:51 :29 ): I would like to thank all honourable members for their contributions. As I said during my second reading contribution, this bill is not to give people an opportunity to have a second bite at the pie; it is merely to fix a gap that has been created by the new act and will only affect those who rightfully had a claim to entitlements had it not been for the wording of schedule 9.

I have met with the Attorney-General to see if this issue could be addressed without having to amend the act; however, I understand that the government will not be supporting this bill. I recognise that the Attorney and his office have undertaken to examine the examples that I have provided, which the Hon. Tammy Franks spoke of in her second reading contribution, and gave a commitment to look at other cases I am aware of; however, this relies on people speaking up and approaching me. Not everyone who is affected by this will know to speak out and they will be unfairly disadvantaged.

The Attorney has also indicated that he is willing to consult with the unions on these matters and consider other ways of addressing any anomalies. I applaud this but do not see why this could not have been done while the bill was between houses; however, I am aware that I do not have the numbers. I again thank the Hon. Tammy Franks and her staff for their assistance with this bill and now move that the bill be read a second time.

The council divided on the second reading:





Brokenshire, R.L.

Darley, J.A. (teller)

Franks, T.A.

Hood, D.G.E.

Parnell, M.C.

Vincent, K.L.


Dawkins, J.S.L.

Gago, G.E. (teller)

Gazzola, J.M.

Hunter, I.K.

Lee, J.S.

Lensink, J.M.A.

Lucas, R.I.

Maher, K.J.

Malinauskas, P.

McLachlan, A.L.

Ngo, T.T.

Ridgway, D.W.

Stephens, T.J.

Wade, S.G.

Second reading thus negatived.