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Government Flogs off yet another Public Asset

John Darley MLC criticised the government’s announcement today that yet another public asset will be sold with the commercialisation of the land services group.

The Treasurer, Tom Koutsantonis, today announced that a contract has been signed for the private sector to provide transactional land services for the land services group. The deal gives the winning contractor the ability to access and sell information which is currently held by the Lands Services Group which may include spatial, valuation and ownership information of all properties in South Australia.

Details of the Land Service Commercialisation Project have been scant with the Law Socieity, Institute of Conveyancers and Institution of Surveyors all requesting information on the project however all responses received from the government have been unsatisfactory and lacking in detail.

A similar proposal has been considered in the United Kingdom for the past three years with the Government recently announcing it will not go ahead with the proposal.

“I am disappointed the government have signed the contract to commercialise the land services group without providing adequate detail to key stakeholders and industry groups.” John said.

“We don’t know the ramification of this commercialisation because the government have been so secretive and underhanded about the entire project. However it speaks volumes when every single professional organisation and stakeholder have expressed deep concerns about it.”