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Council Declines Prince Alfred College Permission to put its Emblem on a Bridge

Radio News Broadcast

John Darley, Independent MLC (5AA 9.10-9.13) Council declines Prince Alfred College permission to put its emblem on a bridge

(Byner: ... Norwood Payneham and St Peter’s Council has declined the Prince Alfred College permission to put its emblem on a bridge they are building across the street, Norwood Parade West. Why? First, it could be viewed as advertising ... and the council says it owns the air space ... it does show that councils, if left to their own devices, sometimes cannot be trusted with many planning decisions ... the council doesn’t own Norwood Parade ... it is worth noting on South Terrace the bridge over it has Pulteney Grammar’s name which appears to have caused no duress so maybe the Norwood Council should understand that by invoking the ‘we own the air space’ they come across as a pedantic, inward looking statutory authority with apparently not enough work to do but to get very petty. I rang John Rau ... and I told him about this story. First he laughed, he said well Leon we do assume that when councils do things they use common sense. John Darley ... what do you make of this?) I think the whole idea is pedantic and mean spirited of the council. Bearing in mind Prince Alfred College own the land directly opposite the school on Parade West ... the buildings have just been removed there and it looks like they’re going to build on that site. I would have thought the council would be more than happy to have PAC put a bridge across which would not hold up traffic on Parade West. First thing in the morning and at school in the afternoon it’s gridlocked with cars trying to get down Parade West ... what the school is doing is to have a bridge across to their property on the northern side of Parade West and so that would alleviate any pedestrian traffic that would be going through there and so I would have thought if the council was to use just some element of common sense they’d be more than happy to have PAC put their logo on the bridge. (Byner: ... thanks John.)