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Public Interest Disclosure Bill


Hon. P. MALINAUSKAS (Minister for Police, Minister for Correctional Services, Minister for Emergency Services, Minister for Road Safety) (14:21): I move: That the sitting of the council be not suspended during the continuation of the conference on the bill.

Leave granted.

The Hon. A.L. McLACHLAN (14:21): I am seeking to move an amendment to that motion by adding the words: but that a message be sent to the House of Assembly informing the house that the Legislative Council, being in possession of the Public Interest Disclosure Bill and having granted the House of Assembly a conference thereon, the managers for the Legislative Council shall assemble and receive the managers for the House of Assembly in the King William Room at 9am on Wednesday 9 August 2017. My reasons for moving the motion should be obvious to every member of the council. I have indicated previously, as has the Hon. Mr Parnell, a fellow member on the deadlocked conference, that there has been considerable delay in finding a time for this conference and so, in consultation with my colleagues, we have decided to set a time down tomorrow morning where we can meet and see where we can get with this bill and if we can find a meeting of minds with the members of the House of Assembly.

The Hon. M.C. PARNELL (14:22): I support the amendment to the motion. As members would recall, the deadlock conference did convene. We sat in a room and twiddled our thumbs for half an hour waiting for the Attorney-General to arrive. He did not, so the conference was effectively abandoned. There was no phone call, no message, no email and no apology, so I am delighted that the Legislative Council, which is in possession of the bill, is taking some control here. We will meet tomorrow morning, and I very much hope that the Attorney-General turns up in good faith to conduct the deadlock conference.

The Hon. D.G.E. HOOD (14:23): I indicate that the Australian Conservatives will also support the amendment. This has been dragging on too long and needs to be resolved.

The Hon. J.A. DARLEY (14:23): I indicate that I will be supporting the amendment.

The Hon. K.L. VINCENT (14:23): Just for absolute clarity, the Dignity Party also supports the motion.