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CFS Fire Truck Replacement

Question asked in Parliament on June 7, 2016

The Hon. J.A. DARLEY ( 15:28 :49 ): As a general rule, can you tell us how frequently CFS fire trucks are replaced?

The Hon. P. MALINAUSKAS (Minister for Police, Minister for Correctional Services, Minister for Emergency Services, Minister for Road Safety) ( 15:29 :00 ): I will have to take that question on notice. There is an ongoing replacement program regarding government vehicles, particularly emergency services trucks. Of course, we remain committed to making sure that we can put in place the best available modern technology to our fire crews, as I previously mentioned.

I am happy to get the exact details of the replacement program. There is one in place and there are plans to make sure that we continually renew the stock that is available for our emergency services. I understand that the question goes specifically to CFS trucks and I will have to get some information from the agency and bring that back to the Hon. Mr Darley.


Nov 2, 2016

In reply to Hon J. A. Darley (7 June 2016):

Hon Peter Malinauskas MLC: “I am advised that:

CFS Fire Trucks have a planned life expectancy of 20 years. However, this can be extended if the condition and serviceability of specific vehicles remain fit for purpose.”