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Launch of Advance SA

After confirmation of registration from the South Australian Electoral Commission, Advance SA will be officially launched today as a new political party for the people of South Australia.

Advance SA will be the first South Australian political party to have assisted dying as a policy platform.

“We understand that assisted dying is a divisive issue but Advance SA believes people should have a right to a choice” Peter Humphries said.

Further policies for Advance SA will be made throughout the election campaign.

Advance SA is a centralist party which will examine the merits of each issue and compare it against the standards of honesty, good judgement and fairness.

On 15 September John Darley MLC announced that he would be forming a new political party with retired lawyer, Peter Humphries.

“I am very pleased to announce Jenny Low as my running mate for the 2018 election.” Peter Humphries said. “Jenny has 10 years parliamentary experience as part of John’s team and will be a great asset to the campaign and South Australia”.