Calls for reforms to the South Australian Parliament

October 26, 2017

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John Darley, Independent MLC  (5AA 9.25-9.27) Calls for reforms to the South Australian Parliament


(Pantelis: Talking reform of the Parliament, John Darley …) … first of all I was around in the final days of the Playford Government … the leader of the Opposition and the Premier at that stage worked together collaboratively in the best interests of South Australians and that’s how it should work … this issue about the number of politicians, the number of Ministers, all that sort of thing … Parliament firstly should be a place of all good ideas and so the Parliament and the Government of the day should work collaboratively towards that end … if you’re running Government, Government is nothing more than a business and with any business no matter what you’re doing you measure what you need to do and you staff it accordingly … that should be the basis for the Members of Parliament … I was around in the Xenophon Team when this idea of reducing the number of politicians, the number of Ministers came up and it was based on nothing more than fresh air. I haven’t had time to look at Robert Brokenshire’s ideas but there’s a saying in business, ‘if you can’t measure it it’s not worth doing’ … if you’re going to look at the size … of the Parliament, the number of Ministers, etcetera, you really need to do a study on what you need to do and base it accordingly. (Pantelis: Alright … thanks for your call.)

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