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Bowel Cancer Screening/Colonoscopy Waiting Times

The Federal Government’s National Bowel Cancer Screening Program aims to detect bowel cancer death and disease. This relies on early detection.

However, many people are faced with a wait of over a year for a colonoscopy following a positive test result.

Advance SA have made longstanding enquiries to the State Government regarding waiting times for colonoscopies:

- 1 September 2017 – letter sent to Minister Snelling (then Health Minister) regarding extended waiting times for colonoscopies

- 28 September – Questions on colonoscopy waiting times asked to Minister Malinauskis directly via staff

- 17 October – Questions on notice tabled in Parliament

- 5 December – Meeting with Minister Malinauskis where lack of response was raised.

There has been no response to any of the above.

"We are heartened to hear that the government plan on doing something about the waiting times for colonoscopies however the devil will be in the detail" Peter Humphries said.