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Street Parking in Residential Areas

Radio Broadcast

John Darley, Advance SA (5AA 9.09-9.15) Crackdown on street parking in residential areas

(Byner: There are many assumptions we make about where we live. One that’s about to change is the ability to park in front of your own property. The Burnside Council is after July they’re going to ration parking permits in an effort to decongest a lot of the streets ... the knock-on effect of this will likely be that many other councils will join the fray and start looking at charging people who legitimately park in the street outside their homes. Many families now have more than one car and many older homes and units do not have parking amenities. The residential parking permits were designed to fix this problem and this system has worked pretty well up until now. Now you’d be aware that councils are mounting a very heavy political campaign to avoid rate capping ... alienating residents to me would seem the last thing they should be doing. Fining residents for parking outside their homes is a very controversial thing. Now there are some councils who do this already but of course we’re being told we should be using public transport more and leaving the car at home. If we fine ratepayers for parking at home then we seem to be defeating the purpose ... we are aware that some councils fine already, but I think it’s time we had this matter open to discussion ... whether you should have free access to park outside your own place. Let’s talk to Advance SA’s John Darley. John, you’re in the precinct of the Burnside Council what’s your view?) ... the situation in Burnside as I understand it will apply to those areas where they have what they call two hour parking resident permit accepted ... the problem seems to have occurred whereby the council has handed out more permits than there is available parking space ... these are in areas particularly in the inner suburbs of Rose Park, Dulwich, Toorak Gardens, around the Burnside Hospital, around the Burnside shopping centre and around business areas ... the council is saying ... there are some residents who have more than one car ... there was an instance where an owner had five cars. Now the cost of the permit as I understand it is going to be $50 for 2 years; pensioners only pay half that amount ... the problem that I see that’s going to come up is policing this ... Burnside has a very poor record of consistently policing parking policies. They seem to pick on people in some areas and not others. The fact that there’s a growing incidence of apartments where you have ... one bedroom apartments and two bedroom apartments with no parking facility on site ... this is going to cause a real problem ... what they are saying is ... if you’re in one of those areas you can have ... a permit for one park in front of your property; if you’ve got off street parking then you should park your other cars off street in the driveway, but it’s going to be a growing problem ... I think the cost of policing this is ... going to far outstrip the benefit. (Byner: What do you think the answer to this is?) ... one of the causes of this is a lot of people are driving their vehicles from outer suburbs and parking in these areas and then either walking or riding to the city. The problem is the public transport system, which is pretty woeful ... the buses are uncomfortable; if they’ve got trams that’s going to restrict even more the parking for residents as well ... first of all the councils should look at each case for an application for a parking permit and there should be a question asked: Is there off street parking required ... I’ve got the form from the Burnside Council and there is no such question that’s asked ... they’re just making a decision based on the fact that a person’s made an application for a parking permit ... that’s how they’ve resulted in more parking permits being issued than the parking facilities available, but sooner or later I think councils are going to have to make provision for parking independently of owners. (Byner: All right John Darley thank you ... what do you [listeners] think about this? Now depending on where you live some of the parking outside your house may be well policed; there could be other examples where it isn’t, but I’d love to ask you what do you think ... as a resident your entitlement in terms of parking near your property? Now of course if you live in a unit that’s another issue.)