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Council Rate Capping

Radio Broadcast

John Darley, Advance SA MLC (5AA 9.15-9.17) Capping of council rates

(Byner: John Darley … tell the people of SA your take on this.) … just prior to the election in 2014 we introduced as a major policy initiative to cap council rates … Steven Marshall, the leader of the Opposition at that stage, he agreed with it and I was pleased with that because at least the Liberals were on side … we did notice that from that point in time council rates generally … the rate in the dollar reduced, and so obviously councils were listening to that as well … it’s no good councils thinking that they can increase their rates more than CPI when in actual fact their ratepayers have had no or very little increase in their income over the last few years … in fact, in the public service the … wage has been in the order of one and a half, two percent, and yet council salaries have increased at a higher level than that … I had a discussion with Matt Pinnegar … the CEO of the Local Government Association just recently … I said, we are still pursuing and supporting rate capping, sure there’d have to be some adjustments for, as has been suggested, Government charges like the waste levy, if the Government increased the waste levy well that’s got to be taken into account, also the situation of cost shifting by the Government … if the SA Government shifts services onto Local Government that’s got to be taken into account, but as a general rule we will still be supporting rate capping for councils. (Byner: Alright …)