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Inconsistency of Sign Posting of Bike Lanes

Radio Broadcast

John Darley, Advance SA MLC (5AA 11.33-11.40) Inconsistency of sign posting of bike lanes

(Byner: This is an issue that’s been raised before … I’ve got a briefing note here from … John Darley … it says, ‘Recently we’ve been contacted by constituents who’ve been fined for parking in bike lanes. One was a woman who had to pull over because their sick infant had vomited and she had to make sure that her child wasn’t choking. One was an elderly couple who pulled over for less than 30 seconds to post a letter … both have been appealed and we’re hopeful that councils will see sense and withdraw the expiations. Councils need to use common sense when issuing expiation notices. Notices can be withdrawn on the basis that they are trifling or constitute a medical emergency’ … but he goes on to say … ‘bike lanes in general are inconsistent across metro Adelaide, some are full-time, others timed, but the signage is often inadequate and lacking. So people need to know if there’s no sign they should assume it’s a full-time bike lane and you cannot stop there, even briefly.’ So, let’s talk to … John Darley … you’ve raised a good issue … this has been a regular one)… the first case with the lady with the sick child, that just shows complete lack of common sense. The inspector would’ve known what the problem was and rather than … book them, and I think it was about $260-odd, should’ve used a bit of common sense and let them go. The next one with the elderly couple, there was a post box on the side of the road … now the white line was there and apparently further down the road there was a sign that says … you can’t park here between 4:00 and 6:00. But I’ve had this before where the sign posting is totally inadequate. Now … a post box is a public facility and surely what they should do, if they’re going to put a bike lane there, put the post box around the corner in the next street (Byner: Or a sign that says do not stop here for any reason) Exactly. I know … in my suburb … there’s a post box there and there’s a bike lane which is the width of a car, and … everyone parks there to post their letters. Now there’s no sign posting at all (Byner: So if they’re accusing people of breaking the law and there is a possibility that it’s a bike lane that’s only certain hours of the day … or it’s full-time and there’s no sign there, because you turn off from a street into that road where there is no signage, so you don’t know what’s on the sign further back because you didn’t pass it, are you deemed guilty because you didn’t pass the sign?) Looks like you are. Now … with that elderly couple … the first they knew of it, they received the expiation notice in the post. So the guy obviously took a photograph, didn’t have the courage to go and talk to them … I had experience on Port Road on one occasion where I saw the white line … but there was no sign post anywhere … and I parked there and I got a blister. Now I took it up with … the CEO of the council and they investigated and they said … the sign posting is inadequate and so I was relieved of … having to pay that fine … this would be two years ago … and I noticed the other day … I was going down there and the sign posting is still not there … (Byner: So what’s the rule of thumb here; if you can’t have known then are you deemed guilty and you have to prove or take a picture and there was no signage there – what’s the deal?) That seems to be the rule. The inconsistency of sign posting along roads is another problem. It seems to vary depending on where you are. I had occasion to talk to Michael Deegan from Transport SA … about Greenhill Road … I knew it was 4:00 to 6:00 it was a clearway … I pulled up … to talk to a person I had to speak to … for quarter of an hour … came out and I had a blister. I went back and had a look at the sign … it’s got clearway in big letters, then in tiny letters which you couldn’t read as you were driving along, no standing any time. I said to Deegan … why don’t you have in large letters, no standing any time, and that covers the clearway as well? He was going to do something about it but, you know, I think he was in the army at some stage, in the artillery … he was ‘gunner’ do things but nothing happened (Byner: … so what’s your advice to people when they get caught in situations like this … we know in general with a bike lane, if it’s 24/7 you can’t stop there at any time … but many of them … are 7:00-9:00 or 4:00-6:00) The first thing they need to do … if they get an expiation note in a situation like that … they should carefully check to see where the sign posting is, if there is any, and on that basis they should be relieved of the fine … and if they have difficulty, contact my office, we’ll take it up on their behalf (Byner: Give your number … you’re going to be busy) 8237 9114 (Byner: … thank you … we understand in general a bike lane should be treated like a bus lane … wouldn’t mind getting feedback on this …)