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SACAT Fee Increases

Radio Broadcast

John Darley, Advance SA MLC (5AA 10.18-10.21) SACAT Fee Increases

I’ve got a situation at the moment – in fact I’ll be moving a disallowance motion next week. If you had an objection to your valuation and it was disallowed from the Valuer-General, the next point of call was to go to SACAT. Now they’ve just jumped up their fees for that for an appeal to SACAT from $71 to $500-odd… (Byner: What? $71-500?) I think it’s about $545, I’m not too sure on that. Now if you owned a house with the medium value of $470000, if you had to pay $545 to go to SACAT, that’s more than you’d get - (Byner: …That’s social engineering… You have a right to object but what they want to do is put a barrier in front of you so that you won’t and just cough up the money… that is an act of bastardry… it’s disgusting.) They’ve certainly done that because even if you got a third off your valuation, $150000 reduction, you’d still be out of pocket on the cost of the appeal. (Byner: So you’re going to disallow this?) Yep, next week. (Byner: …John, thank you…)