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Risky Business??

Rates and taxes may increase due to government sale of Land Services Group

Advance SA MLC John Darley is calling on the government to release information relating to the sale of the Land Services Group.

In late 2017, the former Treasurer privatised the government’s Land Services Group to private consortium, Land Services SA. The Land Services Group was responsible for the state’s lands titles services and valuation office.

Property valuations, determined annually by a general valuation, are used by state and local government to calculate many rates and taxes such as council rates, sewerage rates and NRM levy. Valuations will now be determined by Land Services SA as opposed to the Valuer – General.

John Darley, a former Valuer-General, requested the instructions and guidelines the Valuer-General has provided to Land Services SA to undertake the general valuation information via freedom of information. This information was refused by the government.

“Valuations for rating and taxing purposes are very different to valuations conducted for the private sector” John Darley said.

“I have asked the government to provide information on how they have asked the private consortium to conduct the general valuation however they have refused. I am very concerned that without proper instructions, valuations may skyrocket. If valuations increase, so will people’s rates and taxes which could be disastrous for those already struggling with the cost of living.”

“I call on the government to release this information immediately so that it can be remedied, if needed, as a matter of urgency.”