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Deregulation of Shop Trading Hours

John Darley, Advance SA (5AA 9.15-9.15) Deregulation of shop trading hours

(Byner: John Darley … you and SA-BEST are going to determine what happens. How are you going to vote?) … when I first heard of this initiative over 12 months ago I thought it wasn’t a bad idea, but having had a look at a whole range of things, at the present time – and I haven’t seen the bill and I haven’t seen any amendments at this stage – that we wouldn’t be supporting it … Rob Lucas … said 30 years ago butcher shops couldn’t open. That is true and now they can. Well, let me tell you on the Parade 30 years ago it was either seven or eight butcher shops on the Parade where the main shopping centre is. Now there is only one.