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Super SA Computer Glitches

Radio Broadcast

Leon Byner, Presenter (5AA 9.49-9.51) Super SA’s computer glitches

By the way ... remember we had a caller who rang in yesterday who had an issue with SA Super and they wanted to get a couple of thousand dollars out of their account, no issue with that, except there appeared to be some sort of computer issue ... we referred it to John Darley. Now what John did he spoke to the Under Treasurer, Mr Reynolds, and also spoke to ... the CEO of this entity called Super SA Dascia Bennett ... good chat with her this morning ... what happened was there was an issue with the computer platform and they’re now running very much behind but Dascia Bennett said ‘look I’ll give you an email address so when you get callers who’ve got an issue we’ll do everything we can to expedite the matter’. So that’s what we’re going to do. So it was worthwhile that caller ringing us yesterday because as I often tell you when you ring us about things don’t ever assume that you’re Robinson Crusoe because nine times out of ten you’re not, simple as that.