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Super SA Technical Issues

Radio Broadcast

Leon Byner, Presenter (5AA 9.34-9.35) John Darley’s work rectifying Super SA issues

Before we get to our next story about rate capping … I’ll let you know that I just got a call from Member of the Legislative Council, John Darley, now you might remember that last week … and I often say that when you ring us with an issue, do not be surprised that you’re not the only one with the problem, well that’s the case here. Now Super SA, which has a very wide numerical client base, is experiencing problems and it looks as if if you want to get your money out quickly, which you should be able to do, there is a four or five week delay. Now I’m not sure what the full reason is, except that I am told that they’ve introduced a new computer system, well that’s all fine, but asking people to wait a month or more for their money, I don’t think is reasonable. So this is an issue and it’s not just happening to a few people, it’s quite a lot we know this. Now what John Darley has told us, and this is good, he said look if you get people calling you Leon about this and they need their money, which kind of is the way it is, then you put us in contact with these people who call you and we’ll make it happen quickly. That’s fine, but what about those poor blighters who’ve got money in Super and may not even know that we exist, or if they do they’re not around to hear?