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Terrorism (Police Powers) (Use of Force) Amendment Bill

The Hon. J.A. DARLEY (17:05): I rise in support of this bill, which will provide protection from criminal liability for police officers who use force in relation to a terrorist incident. This protection will extend to the use of lethal force. In order for this protection to apply, it must be in relation to a terrorist act or declaration made by the Commissioner of Police; however, the protection does not apply if actions were taken by an officer in contravention of orders made by the officer in charge of the response to the terrorist act. The bill also includes provisions for the identity of the police officer to be kept confidential.

I know this was a matter of particular importance to the Police Association of South Australia. It is a pity that we now live in a day and age where these measures are necessary; however, it is important that the police are given the right tools and are confident in the knowledge that they will be protected if they are required to take forcible action in order to protect the community. I hope that we will not have an incident in South Australia which means that the provisions within this bill would have to be used, but it will be some comfort for those who are on the front line that they will be protected from criminal liability. With that, I support the bill.