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Screening Checks

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John Darley, Advance SA MLC (5AA 11.13-11.16) Universal security checks for people working with children

(Byner: … John Darley … have we fixed this?)…

I understand they have because they now.. if you get a common name they look at an address, date of birth and a whole range of things to see whether they’re talking about the same person or someone who is different.

(Byner: Wouldn’t they have done that before?) You would’ve thought to but apparently it didn’t happen, but now it does so that’s the main thing.

(Byner: Seems to me if your name is John Smith there could be thousands of them but they’re not all living together)

No, no … as a matter of fact there’s two John Darleys in South Australia and I certainly don’t live with the one down at West Lakes.

(Byner: [Laughs] So..)

But the other thing is … my advice is as at April this year 50% of applications were dealt within five days; at the present time 80% are dealt within five days. That’s improving all the time. The other thing is if a person has an application in for a clearance and it involves occupational reasons … their job relies on it, I’m advised by the Minister that if … the contact the Minister’s office and if there’s any delay they can be expedited so that’ll fix that. The other thing that still concerns me is … originally you had to reapply every three years, and then the former minister John Rau came out when they introduced this new system and said now they’ll only have to reapply within five years. I’ve spoken to Michelle about this and I spoke to John Rau about it as well, I said … now you’ve got this dynamic system … where an application is made, entered into the Human Services file, that goes across to SAPOL, entered into that file, and it also goes to Crim Check and entered into that file. When the information comes back that’s all recorded and flows back to Department of Human Services. And I said the SAPOL file and the Crim Check file are continually updated … with possible convictions and all that … and if that’s coming back there shouldn’t even be a need to renew it every five years. The last time I spoke to Michelle about that they’re looking at that as well.

(Byner: John, thank you for joining us …)