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Rezoning of a Nuriootpa West property

Radio Broadcast

John Darley, Advance SA MLC (5AA 9.42-9.47) Rezoning of a Nuriootpa West property / Criticism of the Department of Planning / Formulation of the Design Code as part of the Planning Act

(Byner: This story we’re about to bring you affects a lot of people, because so often we find that when you want to do something and you have to submit plans and all sorts of information, and of course you get charged for it, you wait for a decision. But try this on for size. From 2004 to 2010, the owners of an allotment at Nuriootpa West have been lobbying the Light Regional Council to have their property rezoned from primary production to residential. Now in 2011, the Council indicated that they were willing to consider rezoning the property, but consultation regarding the Character Preservation Barossa Valley Act included this allotment in the protection area. And although the owners made submissions that their allotment should be excluded from the protection act due to the fact that it’s completely surrounded by urban development, the allotment was included in the protection area. Although the Council now recognise that this was an anomaly for the allotment to be included in the protection area and the Government’s review into character preservation acts has indicated the same, nothing has been done. Nothing. Applications have been continuously made from 2004 until now. This is rubbish. And let me tell you, this is not the only example where this constipation exists. Enter Advance SA’s John Darley. John, what’s next?)

… you’ve adequately spoken about the problem. The owner of this land, through his planners, have made … 12 or 13 applications to the Council about this and then more recently … in 2018 DPTI released a review of the Barossa Protection Act and they agreed that this was an anomaly. Now the owner lives in the Minister’s electorate, the Minister for Planning’s electorate, and he went to see him and the Minister promised him … in August 2018 that he would get an answer to him by November 2018. Well November’s past and nothing has happened. I have to say that … in my experience … this is the worst department, and we’re talking about DPTI and their planning area, that I’ve experienced in 50 years. Nothing happens. Even the Minister’s promised to get back to the owner and nothing happens. Everyone agrees that this land should be rezoned. It’s a 10-hectare vineyard.

(Byner: Who has to … make it happen?)

The Council certainly has to … put forward a Development Plan Amendment and then that has to go to DPTI Planning and the Minister for the necessary approval.

(Byner: Has that happened?)


(Byner: Why?)

Who knows. Nothing happens around in that place, in a lot of places … we’ve got a Planning Act that was enacted in 2016 and we’re still waiting for the Design Code which is to do with zoning to be done, and I noticed the other day they’d released the Design Code for … all those areas of the state outside of Council areas. Well surely that’s not a priority. Surely the Design Code for the rest of … South Australia needs to be formalised. In my view, that should’ve been done well before the Act was even introduced into Parliament, but this Minister’s doing absolutely nothing about it.

(Byner: You gonna tap him on the shoulder and ask him why?)

Well I’m sending a request to him today for a meeting about the whole thing.

(Byner: All right, you’ll keep us in the loop, won’t you?)

I will, for sure.

(Byner: John, thank you. See this delay also costs money and time and it’s also a blight on business. I notice that Business SA released a document yesterday saying that people running businesses are more optimistic. Well, we really do need some more action rather than just sitting on our hands when everybody recognises there’s a problem but don’t want to do anything. I would’ve thought we’re a little bit more progressive than that, aren’t we?)