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Service SA Closures

Radio Broadcast

John Darley, Advance SA MLC (5AA 10.37-10.42) Closure of three Service SA centres

(Byner: We have been very involved in the public discussion about Service SA and it looks as if … Modbury, Mitcham and Prospect, they’re all getting busier. Now I’ve told you negotiations with one party that the Government had fell over … I knew it always would … I know there have been other people the Government has been dealing with but … they’re not anywhere near any kind of negotiation. You might have been under the impression when the Government made the announcement they had work they’d done to have a good look at this and … you’d think the work would justify they’re doing it. Let’s meet … John Darley … what have you found out? You had a meeting with..)

I had a meeting with the new Chief Executive of the Department of Transport Infrastructure and Planning last week … and we discussed a number of things – problems with … the compulsory acquisition of land on the North-South Corridor, the potential for further problems in the fact the Government announced the remaining 10km of roadway in the highly intensive commercial areas of South Road was likely to be undergrounded. The problem with lack of progress in the development in the new design code which is zoning for South Australia. And also the fact that … we have two constituents who are trying to subdivide land and they put in their development planning amendment and there’s an argument that’s developed between the department of planning people and the council and each one are blaming the others … so no progress is being made … about a month ago the Government mentioned in terms of Services SA that they were going to … convert a number of services that required attendance at Service SA offices to online services. Now that doesn’t solve all the problem because we know there are a lot of elderly people that don’t have access … I then put in a request to the Minister’s office for details of which service after they implement these new services online, which service would still require attendance at a Services SA office and I’m yet to receive the response to that...

(Byner: It’ll be a long list …)

We’ll wait and see … what I’m planning to do is … to ask for details of the business plan that justified setting up these offices in Prospect, Modbury and Mitcham but also I’m going to ask for details of the business case that suggested it was no longer viable to keep these open. My private advice is you won’t get it … because they probably don’t have it …

(Byner: So they’ve gone and done this, it looks without really doing their homework)

That’s what it appears to be … then I think last week the Government announced they were reconsidering the whole position

(Byner: I don’t know he used the word reconsider … he said … we’re not going to shut any of the Service SA branches until there is a working, good alternative. My mail is they’re not going to get that …)

Well wouldn’t you prepare a business case that took all that into account?

(Byner: Of course you would)


(Byner: So are we saying this was a thought bubble?)

It looks like it. Anyhow, I’m going to follow up with this to get whatever detail I can and I’ll report back to you at that stage with the detail … I’ve asked for the services that will remain to be a requirement for people to attend the offices, and that’ll be interesting. I think I made that request about three weeks ago...

(Byner: And still haven’t got the answer)


(Byner: … thank you … goodness, gracious me …)