Public Transport for AFLW Game & Closures of Service SA Branches

April 1, 2019

John Darley, Advance SA MLC   (5AA 11.06-11.11)  


(Byner: Hindsight is a wonderful thing ... when it comes to women’s football, the 53,000 crowd, whilst there were some who were absolutely blown away by that tremendous support, there are those who say it was foreseeable that the crowd was going to be well over 25,000 ... I’ve had a couple of notes ... one from Jai who says ... “expected crowd was about the same as for a Port match so why didn’t Stephan Knoll instruct the footy services to operate on a Port game schedule?” ... too late for that ... many football fans were left stranded, others packed in like sardines on trains ... buses ... how many people of these various systems of carriage are they licensed to carry? ... but it’s not the first time that DPTI have got this terribly wrong ... one person ... he said to me this morning, “Leon, I’ve had enough”.  I said, “Well you better come on to talk about it”, is Advance SA’s John Darley ... what do you think?


I agree ... there are parts of DPTI that do perform well but then you have the other areas that don’t and we evidenced that ... yesterday with the AFLW football match.  Surely the Department could have foreseen that there’s going to be ... possible demand for bus and train services and taken some action ... there are other areas that I have concerns about ... the planning area, the acquisition area where they’re compulsory acquiring properties and we held an inquiry into the acquisition branch ... eighteen months ago and I haven’t seen any improvement there.  Services SA where there’s still concern and uncertainty about whether those three branches will open or close, valuation services etc but I do have to see that in terms of construction services and whilst I didn’t agree with the project, that project was undertaken on time and on budget ... I think it was due to the services of the engineer in charge, John Wheelan. 


(Byner: So what do you say about this problem of many passengers being stranded?


Well let’s remember that there is a new chief executive of DPTI at the moment ... he’s been there a few months ... I think he needs to get his mind around what’s happening there and I’m sure he will and take some action to ensure that there’s ... proper consideration given to what’s occurring in the public transport system- 


(Byner: You’ve been on this for a while, what’s been the problem?)


What’s been the problem?  People in charge ... they’re just not in touch with reality ... the acquisition situation was a real problem and I think it still is a problem ... Service SA, there’s uncertainty about whether those three branches ... should remain open or closed.  I haven’t been able to ascertain whether there was a business case undertaken which led to the recommendation to close those offices. 


(Byner: Well they claim there was, have you seen it?


I haven’t seen it and I’ve asked for details of which services will be provided electronically in the future and which services will still remain to be face-to-face and I still haven’t got that information. 


(Byner: ... how long ago did you ask for that?


I reckon that’s over a month ago ... probably six weeks ago. 


(Byner: So what do you do?


Well, I’ve had one meeting with the new CEO and I’ve pointed out a few of these issues ... I’m trying to get an appointment with him again to just elaborate on a number of those things but ... if we don’t get anywhere, we’ll have to consider setting up a select committee inquiry into the areas of DPTI that are not performing.


(Byner: John Darley ... thank you for joining us today ... of course there were more people than expected but I think given the vibe around the state for women’s football ... and this has been evident for a while ... it’s big ...)



(Byner: John Darley ... thank you for joining us today ... of course there were more people than expected but I think given the vibe around the state for women’s football ... and this has been evident for a while ... it’s big ...)


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