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Delays in DPTI processing special condition licenses and permits

Radio Broadcast

John Darley, Advance SA MLC (5AA 9.34-9.40)

(Byner: It’s a good thing that the Transport Department keeps an eye on any driver of sedan or heavy vehicle to ensure their lawful ability to drive is kosher, that’s fine, and if there’s a medical issue it’s investigated and the proper medical advice is sought by license-holders. DPTI seems to have a big delay on issuing permission to drive or have your license and keep it even writing to people threatening to de-license them because they’ve not submitted paperwork, yet it’s sat in a Department in-tray for weeks ignored … when this has been challenged by people who sent forms in February or earlier it’s revealed that DPTI just haven’t got around to doing the job. In other cases undue delays are costing people work because without a license … they can’t work. The Department attitude appears to be bad luck wait your turn. This is entirely unsatisfactory because if constituents do what they’re supposed to but they’re being patronised by a somewhat incompetent system and this costs jobs as well as severe inconvenience, it is surely beholden on the Department to get their act together. It’s not as if our public sector is understaffed, no point having a whole of Government policy, and this is John Darley’s line, he says DPTI doesn’t even have a whole of department approach. Marshall’s team has been there for over a year and these matters are not being addressed. No department can choose to suit itself while the people they’re supposed to be serving are simply just left there waiting. Most of the people required to do annual medical checks are elderly or others, DPTI are sending out hostile and threatening letters to people who’ve submitted their certificates on time threatening loss of license and when challenged discover the paperwork was on another desk … John Darley, when I spoke to you about this yesterday after our callers share with SA what you’ve told me.)

… for a start I have a number of constituents in the Barossa area, they’re dryland farmers, they either grow crops or they graze animals … the one that I was dealing with in the last few weeks, or last few months, is a property about more than half the size of Adelaide Airport, which is a fairly big property … for farmers to remain viable into the future they’ve got to use fairly … large equipment and the equipment is getting larger and there’s a problem with access via roads … apparently in this particular case there’s a code of practice that’s been set out. I discussed this with the new Head of DPTI and he actually arranged for a couple of people to go up and speak to these people about how they’re going to move their machinery around … on this large parcel that they’ve got … there’s a road that goes through the middle … they’ve recently found out that they have to have a permit to move their seeding equipment across the road and then later on they’ll need a permit to move their harvester across the road … farmers in this area they normally bank on the fact that they can start seeding on ANZAC Day … ANZAC Day came and went and there’s no rain so they can dry seed some of their pasture, but this week … there will be sufficient rain for them to start cropping … they asked DPTI for a permit or how long it will take to get a permit and DPTI can’t even give a time as to when it might take, it might take six or eight weeks … I’m not quite sure what the reason is but it just seems totally unreasonable from my point of view that here you’ve got businesses being held up by the fact there are regulations there and they’re so difficult to interpret that it’s going to take a long time to get an answer.

(Byner: So what do people do, in the case of the callers yesterday … luckily we’ve got somebody there by the name of Bill Gonis, morning Bill and you’ve done a fabulous job my friend, you really are the bee’s knees, but what are people supposed to do when they’ve done the right thing, they’re sent letters which are pretty onerous and then they look at their records and find hang on a minute I put this stuff in ages ago and they’re just told, oh wait your turn, surely we can fix that?)

Well absolutely … that is just purely sloppy management practice … the fact that a person has submitted a form that they had to submit to renew their license and the department had lost it, it was sitting on someone else’s desk who just sat on it.

(Byner: … in the meantime if people have got this issue where there’s a delay … give your number out … you can help a lot of these people.)

My number is 8237 9114 … we’d be more than happy to try and alleviate the situation …

(Byner: … thank you … there’s an … MLC who’s really doing his job … all we’re trying to do here is let people get on with their lives, they’ve done all the things that they’re supposed to do. I understand why you might need a permit because there could be a transfer of some agricultural factor that might be unsatisfactory … but to say when can you give me a permit, oh we don’t really know … come on, we can do better than that. The agriculture sector in this state has been one of the great pillars of success in the South Australian economy, doesn’t the department understand that? Mr Braxton-Smith, do indulge John Darley … he’s the CEO of DPTI and let’s see if we can fix these things.)