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Service SA

16 May 2019

The Hon. J.A. DARLEY (14:36): I seek leave to make a brief explanation before asking the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, representing the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government, a question about Service SA.

Leave granted.

The Hon. J.A. DARLEY: In the last state budget the government proposed the closure of Prospect, Modbury and Mitcham Service SA centres. I understand that part of the rationale behind this proposal was that the need for in-person attendance at Service SA centres had decreased as most of the services were now able to be done online. Can the minister advise which services provided by Service SA will be conducted in person and which services are proposed to be provided online?

The Hon. D.W. RIDGWAY (Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment) (14:37): I thank the honourable member for his question. While I am on my feet, as I did not get a chance to do it yesterday, I congratulate the honourable member and wish him a happy birthday for yesterday, for his 82nd birthday. I don't know if other members did but it slipped through a bit unnoticed, so I wanted to do it in person.

I thank the honourable member for his ongoing interest in the Service SA centres. As we know, it is an issue that has been dealt with by my colleague, the very hardworking and very capable—as the Treasurer said before—Hon. Stephan Knoll. I will take that question on notice and refer it to him.

The PRESIDENT: Member for Schubert—

The Hon. D.W. RIDGWAY: The member for Schubert.

The PRESIDENT: —or Minister for Transport, or whatever he is the minister of.

The Hon. D.W. RIDGWAY: Right, Mr President. I will take it on notice and refer it to the Hon. Stephan Knoll, Minister for Transport and member for Schubert—one of our greatest wine regions.



23 July 2019

The Hon. D.W. RIDGWAY (Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment): The Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government has provided the following advice:

The range of transactions currently available in person at Service SA centres will continue to be available through that service channel. There are currently over 200 different transaction types of which 87 transactions are customer facing. A transaction is defined as a customer interaction in which a record is updated, a payment is made or an official document is issued.

Higher volume transactions that require attendance at a Service SA centre include surrendering a number plate, new learner's permit, issue of a provisional licence, licence transfer and change of number plate.

Online transactions represent 47 per cent of the overall volume of the annual 8.4 million transactions processed across all channels in 2017-18. Transactions not currently available online are being reviewed to determine their suitability and whether there is a legislative or policy reform required to offer them online. The Department for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government continue to pursue regulatory reform to reduce the reasons why customers need to visit a Service SA centre.

The following transaction types are currently available online:

1.Renew vehicle registration

2.Reprint registration receipt (tax invoice)

3.Transfer registration

4.New owner re-registration

5.Submit a Notice of Disposal

6.Add/View Common Expiry Date for Client

7.Allocate Common Expiry Date for Vehicle

8.Set up Direct Debit

9.Cancel registration

10.Renew a number plate agreement

11.Order a special plate

12.Order replacement plates

13.Download registration details certificate

14.Apply for an unregistered vehicle permit

15.Apply for a registration information search

16.Renew driver's licence

17.Renew learner's permit

18.Replace licence or permit

19.Apply for a Driver Licence Report

20.Change address

21.Renew a disability parking permit

22.Replace a disability parking permit

23.Issue a proof of age card

24.Make a vehicle inspection booking

25.Oversize & Overmass vehicle permits—New vehicle listing (Form A)

26.Oversize & Overmass vehicle permits—New vehicle permit (Form B)

27.Oversize & Overmass vehicle permits—Renew vehicle permit (Form C)

28.Oversize & Overmass vehicle permits—Outstanding permit payment

29.Pay a transport expiation