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Labour Hire Licencing (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill

The Hon. J.A. DARLEY (17:18): I rise to contribute to the second reading of the Labour Hire Licensing (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill. This bill is a result of the government consulting and listening to feedback given in response to their previous bill, the Labour Hire Licensing Repeal Bill.

In my second reading contribution on that bill, I suggested there may have been an appetite from this parliament to support amendments to the act in response to problems that have been identified rather than to repeal the act entirely. I commend the government on listening to this feedback and for introducing the bill we are currently considering.

I understand the bill lists a number of industries to which the act will apply rather than having the broadbrush approach under the current act. This list of industries was compiled after consideration of reports from the Migrant Workers' Taskforce, the Fair Work Ombudsman and Victoria's inquiry into labour hire and insecure work. I acknowledge that this is not perfect and there are still sectors representing both those who use labour hire workers and those representing the workers themselves who are unhappy with the outcome. However, I believe that the government has struck a reasonable balance with this bill.

The bill also makes a number of other amendments, such as removing the penalty of a gaol sentence, requiring labour hire providers to disclose certain information to workers and streamlining the administrative red tape by aligning reporting periods. I support the second reading of the bill.