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Gambling Administration Bill

The Hon. J.A. DARLEY (16:50): I rise to put on the record that I am wholeheartedly supportive of the SA-Best and Greens amendments to the bill that have recently been filed. These amendments address some of the very problematic elements of the bill, such as the introduction of note acceptors onto electronic gaming machines. The amendments aim to make improvements for problem gamblers and I am supportive of those measures.

I think it is appalling that the government has removed the prohibition on note acceptors on pokies. The government believes that they are introducing a harm minimisation measure because they have legislated that the maximum note that will be accepted will be $50. This is laughable and demonstrates that the government has no understanding of problem gambling, or that they simply do not care. The cash withdrawal limit of $250 per card per cash facility is also a measure that has been dressed up to be done in the name of harm minimisation but is so far off the mark that I am not sure the same game is being played.

Given my previous stance on $1 bet limits and EFTPOS facilities in gaming venues, I do not think it would be a surprise that I will be opposing much of this bill and supporting the SA-Best and Greens amendments. I know other members have lengthy contributions to the bill and I do not want to repeat what they have to say. With that, I support the second reading of the bill.