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Retirement Villages

09 September 2020

The Hon. J.A. DARLEY (14:53): My question is to the Treasurer. During the proceedings of the joint committee of inquiry into the valuation and recording of retirement village units, the Valuer-General indicated that a body of work was needed to be completed before the recommendation could be implemented. Can the Treasurer advise whether the Valuer-General has been advised of the government's decision, and has an arrangement been made with the Valuer-General to implement the body of work that needs to be done prior to implementing the government's decision?

The Hon. R.I. LUCAS (Treasurer) (14:53): I acknowledge the honourable member's ongoing interest in this particular issue on matters that appertain to the work of the Office of the Valuer-General. My advice is that the answer to the honourable member's question is yes, the Valuer-General has been advised. I will certainly get more detail in terms of response to the honourable member. But the government in its recent decisions that were announced in relation to the massive reduction in water prices decision, as part of that complicated series of decisions we took, we took decisions to implement the recommendations of the joint committee.

My recollection is the advice was that it is indeed correct that there is a body of work that has to be done, not just by the Valuer-General but by other agencies of government as well, to implement the new procedures and that we announced that the implementation date for the new processes will be 1 July next year. All the work will need to have been concluded before then.

In relation to the work the Valuer-General would need to do, it would obviously need to have concluded well before then to enable decisions from SA Water and others to be taken subsequently. I am happy to seek more detailed advice from Treasury, who will gather whatever information they need to from the Valuer-General, and SA Water and provide a more detailed response to the member.

I might just note that the government has recently taken a decision to what we have euphemistically referred to as 'transfer the generals' from the old department of planning, transport and infrastructure to the responsibility of the Attorney-General, who is now the Minister for Planning. Given the ongoing interest the member has in the work of one of those generals, the Office of the Valuer-General, the Deputy Premier and Attorney-General will be the new minister with whom the member will need to liaise. But I will take the member's question on notice in terms of further detail and bring back a further reply.



13 October 2020

The Hon. R.I. LUCAS (Treasurer): The Attorney-General has advised:

In anticipation of the joint committee's report and with regard to budget and time line requirements, the Valuer-General engaged with the service provider, Land Services SA (LSSA), to undertake preliminary work required for implementation, noting that such works would be required regardless of what recommendations were tabled by the joint committee.

Since the joint committee's recommendations were tabled in late 2019, the Valuer-General has been progressing the relevant work to implement her preferred valuation approach as adopted by the joint committee.

In order to implement the preferred approach, a new Valuer-General's policy is being formulated. To assist in formulating this policy and the necessary work required for implementation, the Valuer-General has:

been consulting with SA Water and SA Health;

been working with an independent subject matter expert to define valuation methodologies;

undertaken preparatory work to formulate the policy for implementation of the preferred approach;

analysed registered retirement villages and operator information, including liaising with SA Health to confirm accurate data is sourced from their database, and to ensure retirement villages not previously on SA Health's database are identified;

undertaken preliminary analysis of all independent living units;

prepared communications to registered owners and operators; and

sourced relevant information by way of landowner returns.

The Valuer-General has further instructed LSSA to commence a body of work including, but not limited to, consultation with registered owner/operators, detailed property data collection, identification of relevant assessment information, (e.g. mixed use properties and common/communal facilities for the purposes of apportionment, and other components such as undeveloped land), and identification of assessments that need creating, rebuilding or removal.

With work well underway, the Valuer-General is aiming to have the valuation adjustments in place for 2021-22. The work to implement the preferred approach is being delivered within the scope of the $15.45 million revaluation initiative project which is on schedule for completion with the 2021-22 general valuation.

The Treasurer has advised the Valuer-General that his office is taking carriage of the response to the joint committee's recommendations and will consult with the Valuer-General accordingly. In the meantime, the Valuer-General continues to progress the relevant work and consultation processes required to ensure implementation in 2021-22.