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Retail Trading Bill

8 June 2021

The Hon. J.A. DARLEY (15:37): I remain unconvinced about the need to change our existing shopping hours. It does affect businesses and their cost structures. If the trading hours are changed holus-bolus, businesses will need to extend their trading hours to match their competitors, and that will impact on their costs and change the existing balance in the marketplace. With penalty rates having been changed in recent years, it will mean that some workers will work hours that do not suit their lifestyle without receiving sufficient monetary compensation.

Fair-minded South Australians do not want businesses placed under further financial stress or workers' work-life balance worsened just so shoppers can have a 24/7 shopping experience, particularly after everyone has experienced the shock and dislocation of a global pandemic. Fair-minded South Australians want their government to focus on quality of life, fairness and support for those individuals and businesses adversely affected by events outside their control.

Accordingly, I will not be supporting the wholesale changes to shopping hours being proposed by the government. I am prepared to consider, with appropriate industry and worker feedback, minor changes such as the extension to 9am from 11am for Sunday supermarket trading.