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Shack Leases

30 March 2021

The Hon. J.A. DARLEY (14:35): My question is to the Minister for Human Services, representing the Minister for Environment and Water, regarding the implementation of the government's shack policy. Can the minister advise whether the implementation of the government's election promise to provide renewable leases, and in some cases freeholding of shack sites, is still on track to be completed well before the election in March 2022?

The Hon. J.M.A. LENSINK (Minister for Human Services) (14:36): I thank the honourable member for his question and acknowledge his longstanding interest in this important policy area. I must say that a number of parties in this chamber have supported the retention of shacks on Crown lands and in national parks as something which represents a tradition for many, particularly in regional areas.

I have outlined in this place in speeches in the past the association between, for instance, an area like Keith and the Coorong shacks, and Lucky Bay and folk from Kimba. Those were the places people have gone for generations to enjoy their holidays. It is a policy that was championed by the Hon. David Ridgway at one stage, and I acknowledge the ongoing support of the Hon. John Darley for this initiative.

There are two separate cohorts in terms of shacks, so those on Crown land are a little bit easier to assist. I have seen, just through my own email traffic, that there has been progress in relation to some of those, but I do not have the details to hand, so I will undertake to get a more detailed response for the honourable member and bring it back to the chamber.